How to be “Suprisingly Satisfied”

Surprisingly Satisfied
From “The Resolution for Women” by Priscilla Shirer

Did you know that rat poison is only 3% poison and the other 97% tastes good to the rat? In fact, the poison is a slow killer, so that the rodent does not realize where the source is coming from. Ultimately, it’s the 3% that kills the rats. I’d thought I just share that random information to you this Monday morning 🙂 No really, on a more serious note, overall, life may be good for you and I, but there is a small percentage of posion that the enemy uses to slowly kill our joy, our peace, and ultimately will destroy the purpose God has for us if we are not careful.

That deadly killer… comparison.

We drink in that poison every time we compare our lives to someone we wish we were or something we wish we had. You know…those times we scroll on our facebook or instagram feeds and wish we had what the girl/guy next door has. Or that time someone on social media, we don’t even know, got blessed with a brand new car, brand new job, and went to the most beautiful island for vacation, all at the same time, and you secretly say, “I wish that was me.” We do it without even thinking! Oh friends, we think it’s harmless, but in reality, comparison is a dangerous game to play!!! When we compare, we run a race that was not meant for us and exert energy that leaves us in the same spot we started.

You may not compare yourself to others, but you wish you were in a different season of your life, hurrying and trying to get to a “better version” of your story. I remember the days of my singleness, wishing for Mr. Right to come and sweep me away forever into the sunset. There were moments in my singleness that I did not embrace the beauty of that season. Now I have Mr. Right in my life (praise God :)) and I find myself hurrying our season for the next best thing. If I’m not careful, I will miss out in the beauty of just enjoying my husband fully in the season we are in now before becoming parents or moving or thinking about grandkids lol!

Contentment is not equal to complacency. ~Priscilla Shirer

There is so much beauty where you are now! There is so much God has for you where you are now! There is peace now. There is joy now. There is contentment now. There is purpose for. your. life. NOW. All we have to do is invest fully where we are, because friends, this season we are in will not always be present. Let’s not drink the posion of comparison. “Someone else’s blessing does not mean that it was deducted from our account. Celebrate others’ blessings!” To be content is to find rest in this busy rat race called life. Pastor Larry Stockstill gives us four ways to pace ourselves and find contentment and rest:

R- RELAX: in who you are. Paul said in scripture, “I am what I am by the grace of God.” Learn to be comfortable in your own skin and who you are in God! Learn to love yourself.

E- EXAMINE: your heart for sin. Psalm 32:3 guilt shame, and condemnation will destroy your inner rest. Isaiah said, “there is no rest for wickedness.” Disease is broken down as “dis-ease.”

S- SURRENDER: to the will of God. God’s plan is contingent on your obedience. Rest in His purpose. Until God is through with you, you’re not going anywhere.

T – TIMING: Don’t try to make it happen. God is walking the path with you. Relax. God has a perfect timing. Don’t drive to keep up with the “Joneses.” Sometimes, God will allow some circumstances to prolong to show a great miracle. Don’t pick the fruit before it’s ripe. The fruit will fall off the tree when it’s ready. Timing issues cause Christians to leave their rest.

Be Blessed. Be Revealed.

But godliness with contentment is great gain. ~1 Timothy 6:6


Take a BREAK!

In our American culture, busyness is a way of life. It’s almost as if it’s honorable to say that our lives are on the constant go when people ask how we are doing. Unfortunately, I believe that we are living a lie when we consume our lives with so many tasks and obligations that never leaves room for rest. If you have time I highly encourage you to read the book “Crazy Busy” by Kevin DeYoung. He addresses the epidemic of “too busy” and poses how that lifestyle is a threat to our physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

We are bombarded with technology, social media, people, jobs, etc., it does not surprise me when we are uncomfortable in silence especially when we are not used to it. Believe me I love to stay active and always doing something. However, I always have to check my motives and ask who am I trying to prove? Or what am I trying to prove? God designed us as human beings, not machines. We were created for rhythms of silence and noise, community and solitude.

Yet, many of us are caught up in an addiction called, “NOISE.”

Just like you schedule your day and week with activities, don’t forget to schedule in rest, silence, a get away, or even a retreat. But merely getting away or having rest is not enough! The goal is not to get away and unplug from everything and think that you have done your duty. There are many people who go on vacation and come back worse than before they left! For the Christian, the goal is to come back better, refreshed, ready to love and sacrifice. We want to redouble our efforts, by faith, in our callings in the home, among friends, at work, and in the body of Christ (David Mathis). Essentially, we want to sharpen our ax with the intent to be more effective.

Here are a few suggestions on how to move through a season of solitude and rest when you are able to get some time to yourself. My prayer is that you meditate on Psalm 46:10 today and really think about what it means to be still before the Lord. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

  • Pray for God’s blessing, that he will bring to light what in life needs your fresh attention, and that his Spirit will prompt your subconscious to “speak” honestly to your soul. This is a great time for self-reflection and to search the depths of your soul on the blind spots in life. How are you doing in your various roles? Where do you need to refocus?
  • Read and meditate on the Bible. Trust God to meet you in his word and lead your time with Scripture either from a daily reading plan or some special section you’ve selected for the time you are away.
  • Resist the urge to get detailed right away about what you need to do when you get home. Trust me when I say this, what we think is urgent or important are sometimes smokescreens to our callings and the big picture what God is trying to do in us and through us. Bring back some takeaways from the retreat that will help you make sense of normal life moving forward.
  • Spend a few minutes just listening to the silence and let your soul begin to “thaw”especially if your days are spent in a crowded environment.
  • Consider including an extended season of prayer and continue recording thoughts as you direct your heart godward in praise, confession, petition, and supplication.