We are more than half way through The Gospel of Mark Bible Study by Lisa Harper! Welcome to week 4 and I want to thank you for joining me every Thursday morning for diving deep into the study of really pursuing Jesus! Take some time this week to read the scripture reference and answer the reflective questions below. Blessings and let God be revealed in you!

The Gospel of Mark Book

Week 4 Giving Up the “Right” to Ride Shotgun

Scripture References:

  • Mark 9: 33-37

Reflective Questions:

  • When it comes to humble acts of service – like washing someone’s feet or washing someone’s dishes who’s bedridden with a serious illness – are you more comfortable being on the giving end or on the receiving end?
  • Read Proverbs 11:2. How has pride led to a literal painful stumble in your life? Taking the “painful pride quiz” below is a great way to assess where you are currently.
    • Am I upset if I am not praised for my work?
    • Do I like and even long to sit at the head table in the seat of honor?
    • Do I seek credit for what others have done?
    • Do honorary titles pump me up?
    • Is popularity crucial to my sense of self-worth?
    • Am I a name-dropper of those I know (or pretend to know)?
    • Do I think I have something valuable to say about almost everything?
  • What real life situations tend to provoke your pride-disguised-as-insecurity to come out and play?
  • How are you living a life of service or how will you in the future?

Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you. ~ William Law

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