Every Thursday morning I will post a summary of a Bible Study lesson based on the current study I am in. Join me in this 7 week study on the “Gospel of Mark: The Jesus We’re Aching For” by one of the best Bible teachers and communicators today, Lisa Harper. I will tell you right now, week 1 study is powerful, real, and relevant to all of our lives. The study itself is in-depth, so I encourage you to dive deeper into the book on your own. However, these posts will highlight three components I pull from the lesson: scriptures, main points, and reflection questions. So with that being said, let’s jump in and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

The goal is not the study. It’s finding Jesus in it! – Chris Hodges

The Gospel of Mark Book

Week 1 Aggressive Grace

Scripture References:

  • Mark 2:1-12 NCV

Summary Point 1:

  • Mark 2 tells how one man’s greatest concern pales next to Jesus’ far greater compassion. The Messiah went beyond the paralytic’s immediate comprehension of need. The King lavished the paralytic with infinitely more treasure than he had the foresight to ask…He didn’t just heal the man’s legs; He saved the man’s life.
  • Reflection Questions: Would you describe the prayers you’ve been praying lately as audacious or anemic? What’s the most audacious “mountain tossed into the sea” prayer request on your heart this season? Do you feel like you’re whispering it toward heaven with hesitation and trepidation or bellowing it to the Heavenly Father who delights in meeting your needs?

Summary Point 2:

  • Jesus forgave the paralytic and the man didn’t even ask for repentance! Jesus was so incredibly eager to restore the paralytic into a right relationship with His heavenly Father that He preempted the guy’s repentance with mercy. Jesus pursues with aggressive grace and His kindness leads us toward repentance.
  • Reflection Questions: When have you experienced the grace of God totally apart from your own seeking it? How has God’s mercy steered you toward repentance lately? 


Religion teaches, “I obey, therefore I’m accepted.” The Gospel teaches, “I’m completely accepted, therefore, I obey.” – Dr. Tim Keller

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