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We are all going to come to a point in our life where “we need a fresh start, a new beginning, a spiritual turnaround, a change of direction”… we need a comeback. Comeback and underdog stories are what I love. In fact, the ultimate comeback story belongs to our Heavenly Father when He conquered death, hell, and the grave and is alive today! No matter what circumstances or situations we are facing or have experienced in the past…hope is still available to us and we can overcome through Jesus Christ. Still believe! Still trust! Here are a few appetizing points from this book I read by Louie Giglio, “The Comeback: It’s Not Too late and You’re Never Too Far.” Be Blessed. Be Revealed.

The Comeback by Louie Giglio

  • God is always good, and God’s plans will always prevail, even when our plans don’t.
  • Jesus is always there for us. He doesn’t stop healing us. He never stop forgiving us. He won’t stop restoring us. He refuses to stop loving us.
  • He melts the grip of sin and dire circumstances and leads us back to his springtime full of life and growth, productivity and beauty.
  • God isn’t finished with you yet. Jesus is a dream restorer.
  • We are in the plan of God and not the plan of men.
  • It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone, what you’ve done,or where you’ve been. God always throws the door wide open and says, “Welcome home!”
  • His grace comes in oceanic proportions.
  • Nothing gets in the way of God’s great plan.
  • Sometimes we try so hard to cheat death, but Jesus wants us to beat death.
  • He wants us to understand our constant need for the extravagant grace of God.
  • The thing we need most is not to be perfect but to be in love with Jesus. All the condemnation already fell on Jesus.
  • We need God’s saving grace to be made alive. We need God’s transforming grace to be made alive every day.
  • There’s more at stake than what happens in your life. What’s at stake is how God wants to raise up hope in a community, a nation, and the world to the point where people look around and see what God is doing in people’s lives.
  • He is the person our hearts and souls were made for. Jesus is enough.
  • Give it away. Give God your dreams. Give God your intense feelings. Give God your little and see what he does with it.
  • We all have an ability to have a relationship with almighty God.
  • In the unpredictable places in life, we learn that the one thing we can predict is that God will come through.
  • He doesn’t want our dreams. He wants his dreams.
  • Keep doing the very best at whatever God has put in front of us.
  • God is still at work. God has not forgotten you. Your comeback will probably look different that you have imagined it, and that’s okay. Wait and believe.


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