Lovesick Bride Quote.pngWedding bells are ringing and engagement rings are blinging. Do you hear the sound of blissful laughter and celebratory music in the air? Can you see the joyful tears and the expressions of satisfaction from friends and family? You have waited and waited and the long anticipation of the “One” has finally arrived; and you are about to become “One” in the formality of the ceremony and in intimacy. What a beautiful sight….What a beautiful invitation….

Invitation? What do I possibly mean by invitation? I have a confession. As someone who desires to be married one day, I do not desire the wedding day as much as I desire the one I plan to spend the rest of my life with. There is a difference. I wonder if as a culture we have put so much emphasis on the wedding day, that we have actually failed to prepare to love and be loved by our spouse to be. It’s not too much to think that we as Christians have also done the same thing with our Bridegroom Jesus Christ. I was recently listening to a few messages by Damon Thompson and I was motivated to write this message that was on my heart.

You see, the wedding day is only an invitation to go deeper, higher, and into a more selfless life with the “One” you confess your love for. It’s just the beginning. It’s just the start to something beautiful and sacrificial. Yet, we have made the wedding day the ending. The result. The finish line. Thus, you have marriages falling apart because there was no vision, no effort, and no motive to go further than the day they said “I Do.” The wedding day is so glorified in our culture that we have shows called, “Say Yes to the Dress,” “Bridezillas,” and expos for Bridal shows. We have conditioned ourselves to value our “YES” to the dress over our “YES” to the Bridegroom.

It is no different in our relationship with God. As devoted Christians, we have become more infatuated with sacraments and religion than being in love with our King. We have loved our duties more than loving our Beloved. In essence, we have been saying yes to ministry, and yes to trying to save the world, and yes to our busy and ordinary lives, that we have missed the only “YES” that will set us free from it all…

We are closer to the conflict than we are to the ANSWER. ~ Damon Thompson

The ceremony lasts only a few hours, but the marriage is meant for a lifetime. We are so insecure about God’s love for us that we try to cover ourselves up with “BUSY.” We are flawed and imperfect people but God has such a furious and unrelenting love for us that when we finally get rooted in it, disappointments no longer matter. God’s thoughts toward us are filled with extravagant emotions of desire and this crazy love becomes the theme for our lives. It is never ending. It is never failing. It always protects, hopes, and trusts…

Be warned. There is a danger in not saying “YES” to the King. As Christians, we will have successful ministries and organizations, but the glory will not be given to the King. We glorify our efforts and grind rather than living in the grace that God has equipped us for being in covenant love relationship with Him.


I love Queen Esther in the Bible. That woman right there was beautiful, bold, and brave. She was perhaps one of the greatest warriors in the Bible and I say that because she got close to the King. It was more dangerous for her to approach the King in His bed chamber than for her to go and swing her sword out in the public. It required more preparation to be found more favorable and irresistible to the King, than to just go and try to save the Jewish Nation on her own. She even said, “If I perish, I perish.” You just don’t walk into the bedchamber of the King…even as Queen.

She knew that her nation needed to be saved. Just as we know that our nation is in critical moments…new election, social and racial injustice is prevalent, domestic violence, human trafficking, and the list can go on and on….but Queen Esther chose to be irresistible to her King versus swinging her sword. She got so close to her Bridegroom that all she had to do was whisper to him her request and He moved without hesitation. Do we dare risk to get so close to our King Jesus that all we have to do is whisper for Him to move? Do we not understand that it is only YAHWEH that can save? How is the shouting working for you? How is the sword fighting working for you? How are your own efforts working? Could it be that our risk is getting so close to the King that all He needs is a whisper from us?

God desires our company more than we desire to further His cause. ~ Damon Thompson

I pray that we become LOVESICK BRIDES! That we fall in love with Him this fall more than we ever have. Let our hearts become in rhythm with His heartbeat and not the cadence of the world. Let us yearn and ache for His presence and be saturated in His kisses. I pray that we don’t ask for greater influence but greater capacity to feel God’s love for us! (Damon Thompson) It will be overwhelming, but He longs for the affection of our hearts. Let Him see us fully naked and transparent before Him so that we can forever become captivated by the fire in His eyes. We are called to be irresistible to the King. He is waiting for us to take our seat and authority as queens and brides so that He can give us what we desire. All we have to do is get close. All we have to do is whisper. We won’t get there because of our greatness; it will be because of the softness and yielding of our heart.

Just love the King. Just love the King. Just love the King. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!




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