This is it family! The final day of the Habits of Grace Study with David Mathis and the final day of July. I want to thank each and every person who has taken the time to read, comment, like, and follow my blog during this time of diving into the study. It’s such a great feeling when you finish what you start and I hope you got some nuggets that transformed your life like it has mine. So I would love to hear some feedback from you all!

Comment below on what was your favorite day of study or personal nugget that you gleaned during the summer. Feel free to look back at all 31 days of Grace that were posted. Also, let me know of anything you want to see next from Revealed8. It would be greatly appreciated!

The last day of the study is about finding the time to Commune with God on a crazy day or even in a season in your life where everything is craziness. We all have been there. I have been there, and there are times I am still there because of the unexpected circumstances that pop up in life. Even so, the enemy always will throw schemes at you to keep you from finding any focused time with God. Hopefully, we have established a routine of the means of grace through prayer and Bible reading, but how do we engage in God when our routine is broken or we simply do not have one? How do you sense God in the chaotic and crazy demands of the day? How do you spend “alone” time with God when you are pulled from so many people, friends, relatives, spouse, and children? Whatever the circumstances, David Mathis provides five ways in order to think about how we can commune with Christ in our craziness. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

  • Remember What Your “Habits of Grace” are About – Always remember the big picture. It’s not about checking off boxes and working at length to read, journal, and memorize. It is often when we feel strongest personally, we are prone to walk in our own strength rather than depend on God.
  • Consider the Path of Love – When our vertical relationship is right with God, then every other relationship horizontally flows smoother. Sometimes, the most loving we can do is get away from people for a few minutes, feed our souls on God and come back to our communities re-energized to meet others’ needs. Other times, we need to give attention to our children and spouses, best friends, cousins, etc to love on them and sacrifice our alone time.
  • Develop a Morning Routine That is Adaptable – Try to create a routine that can expand into more than an hour if you have it, or collapse into just ten minutes, or even less, when love requires it.
  • Look for God’s Provision through Others – If time alone with Jesus isn’t possible, then be on the lookout for that person who loves Jesus you can share a conversation with to produce some food for you both that you otherwise would not have had.
  • Evaluate Later What You Might Learn for the Next Time – The crazy days and seasons will come and go. But with a little planning, reflection and some intentionality, we can learn how to navigate through these days a little better. Know that it is not our execution of our morning that secures his favor and blessing! We can commune on crazy days; He is always there and already listening.


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