Alright family…only a few more days left in our Habits of Grace Study! Day 28 focuses on the Great Commission. Sometimes I honestly think we get caught up in trying to win the world that we forget about the people living under the same roof as us. Our family should be our first and primary ministry. What greater influence and impact then to win your siblings, parents, or cousins to the Lord! That’s the true test of our heart of making disciples…let’s take care of home first! I’m visiting my family right now, literally sitting in my bedroom at home in Florida, and as I write this it’s crazy to think that I could or would influence so many people for the Lord, when I don’t care for my own mom, brother, or sister. Let’s commit to our families! Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

Four ways making disciples shows God’s grace in the life of the one doing the discipling by David Mathis:

  • Disciplemaking shows us Our smallness and God’s Bigness – The vision is huge, and yet our part is small…but significant. Think big, start small, go deep. Think big: God’s global glory, among all the nations. Start small: focus on a few, like Jesus did. Go deep: invest at depth in those few, so deeply that they will be equipped and prepared to do the dame in the lives of others.
  • Disciplemaking challenges us to be Holistic Christians – Good disciplemaking requires both intentionality and relationality. We tend to bend towards one over the other, but we need both to cover the full picture. It’s the sharing of ordinary life as well as teachable moments.
  • Disciplemaking Makes us more aware of our sin – When you share your own self with someone you get close. The closer sinners get, the more sin comes out (which is why marriage can be such a matrix for sanctification as two becomes one). It requires that we die to selfishness – selfishness with our time and with our space. It means dying to our precious privacy.
  • Disciplemaking teaches us to lean heavier on Jesus – this is messy and often difficult work. You will see your weaknesses and failures like never before. With God’s help we will be taught to lean on Jesus all the more. It will not be without failure. Failure to love. Failure to initiate. Failure to share our selves because of selfishness. Failure to pray without ceasing. We cannot imitate Jesus and His perfection, but we can take great comfort that in him our failures are covered. It’s about showing Jesus, not ourselves as the power source.



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