Relevant magazine did a recent article on “The Mega-Problem Behind the Fall of Mega-Church Pastors.” It is a great read and I suggest you read it, and any of their resources when you have time. Preachers and Pastors in America have almost become like celebrities but we have to be reminded that no matter what field of ministry we operate in, we are called to be co-laborers with Christ, not co-stars.

“We must do whatever it takes to not allow these men and women to be consumed by our expectations and worship of them. Because when we do this, we kill our pulpit and make human out to be the gods they were never meant to be.” ~ Relevant

As we continue on in our Habits of Grace study, David Mathis invites us to listen for Grace in the Pulpit. The act of preaching is a picture of the Gospel; this is why when Jesus came from Heaven, he came preaching. It is in these moments where the church, the Bride, opens her ears and heart, to hear the uninterrupted voice of her husband, through his appointed mouthpiece…that’s amazing to think about. True, faithful preaching produces five graces that we should focus on rather than the person delivering the message. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

  • To Forget Ourselves – Faithful preaching exposes sin and challenges us to change in love. We forget about ourselves and become captivated by Christ. It’s one of those great blessings where we can be freed from our regular preoccupation with self.
  • To Fill Our Faith – Faithful preaching refills our faith. We can only do so much ourselves! We can only encourage and give ourselves pep talks to an extent. We need to hear God’s Word spoken into and over our lives to renew and strengthen us in our journey.
  • To Grow in Grace – It’s not about the points of application to take away from the sermon, but beholding the glory of Christ in our souls and being ‘transformed from one glory to another.” That is why it is so important that the preacher and the listeners be occupied with Jesus and not each other.
  • To Be Equipped – Faithful preaching will build up because the Bible is the most important source for building up the church and Christians for ministry. Take note, if there is no Bible involved in the preaching…that’s not the place you want to be.
  • To Encounter Jesus – Most importantly, the #1 benefit of faithful preaching is encountering Jesus and enjoying Him! Martin Luther said, “To preach the gospel is nothing else than Christ’s coming to us or bringing us to him.”

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