It’s been a busy week so forgive me for being delayed in my posts! But I’m back so get ready to receive a flood of reading in the next few hours. We continue with our study of Habits of Grace with David Mathis and he takes us into the topic of praying with company. Our personal prayer lives are so important but our joys and benefits aren’t limited to that. Praying with other Christians; however, takes planning, initiative, and synching of schedules. From Jesus’ example, we see how the early church was in communal prayer all throughout the book of Acts:

  • All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer (1:14; and 2:42)
  • While Peter was in prison, “earnest prayer for him was made to God by the church” (12:5)
  • And in an emotional goodbye to the Ephesian elders, Paul knelt down and prayed with them all (20:36; 21:15)

Here are nine profits for praying with company. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

  1. For Added Power – Matthew 18:19…There is an added power to our prayers when we unite with fellow believers in the faith and make our requests to the Father with our hearts joined together. We live in a culture that promotes independence, but the Christian life was never meant to be done alone. We are better and stronger, together.
  2. For Multiplied Joy – When we share the joy of prayer, we double our joy. We not only add to our joy, but also to theirs. Praying with other believers we are avail ourselves to a channel of joy we otherwise would be neglecting.
  3. For Greater Glory to God – Our multiplied joy in God then makes for multiplied glory to God – because God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.
  4. For Fruitful Ministry and Mission – We are to pray for each other in our different ministries and mission for the Lord. We should anticipate greater fruitfulness in the work when others are joining us in prayer. Romans 15:30-32
  5. For Unity Among Believers – Praying together is an effect of the unity we already share in Christ and a cause for deeper and richer unity. It’s a sign and catalyst for more unity.
  6. For Answers We Otherwise Wouldn’t Get – There are some answers to prayer we simply would not get without involving others in praying. Sometimes we have to involve the leaders of the church. James 5:14-16
  7. To Learn and Grow in Our Prayers – The best way to learn to pray is pray with others who have had their prayers shaped by scripture and are more mature in their faith. We are being shaped deep down as we join our hearts with others in prayer.
  8. To Know Each Other – It’s in prayer that we are most likely to let the walls fall. You hear their hearts in prayers like nowhere else. When we pray together, not only do we reveal what most captures our hearts and truly is your treasure, but you can tell if a man or woman is really on speaking terms with God. (Jack Miller)
  9. To Know Jesus More – The best for last, we ultimately know Jesus better. With our limited vision and perspective, there are parts of Christ we’re prone to see with more clarity than others. Tim Keller states, “By praying with friends, you will be able to hear and see facets of Jesus that you have not yet perceived.”








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