We conclude the section of Hearing His Voice with great practical steps to being a lifelong learner. I once read that 84% of leaders stop growing once they hit their 30s. Yet, it’s your hunger to grow that qualifies you for leadership. It’s one thing to learn a particular field, your business, or skill. What does it mean for a Christian in particular to cultivate holy curiosity and a mind-set of a lifelong learner?

God has called us to be disciples. The word “disciple” means literally to be a “learner.” Teaching and learning is at the heart of our faith and our Master Teacher designed the church to be a community of lifelong learners. Our ongoing health is linked to ongoing learning. God gives us new mercies, fresh revelations to discover, and new things to learn about Him everyday. David Mathis gives us five principles on the what and how of resolving to become a lifelong learner. Understand, the goal is not to learn more facts or information.

The goal of a Believer is to plunge deeper into the infinite flood of Christ’s Love, and to see everything else in its light. It is knowing and enjoying God himself in Christ through the gospel word and the written word of the Scriptures.

  1. Vary Your Sources and Seasons – Learn from personal conversations, read books, take classes,watch educational videos, and listen to recorded audio. Consider how these sources will change in various seasons of life.
  2. Create Space and Redeem Spare Time – It may be difficult to make time for homework, take a class, or even a course if you work full-time and have a young family. However, what you can do is create little windows for learning. It may be only five minutes of reading before you go to bed, but know the payoff over the long haul is enormous.
  3. Mind Your Mindless Moments – There’s a place for recreation and there is a way to do so glorifying God with intentionality for learning. Lifelong learning simply means over time resisting moments to veg out whenever you feel the impulse.
  4. Adapt to New Media – Media is always changing and we have access to all sorts of information within seconds. What you let fill your feed says a lot about how eager you are to simply kill a few moments scrolling or bring them to life with learning.
  5. Embrace the Identity of Learner – Consider yourself a learner. Claim it and fight against the idea that learning is only subject to school days and underneath adulthood. We are creatures that never “arrive,” not even in the new creation.


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