Part 2 of Habits of Grace by David Mathis takes us into the concept of Having His Ear which is all about prayer. So many times we make prayer to be complicated, but it’s actually responding to the One who initiated toward us. Prayer is…

  • …not a conversation we start, but a relationship into which we’ve been drawn.
  • …originates not from our emptiness, but his fullness.
  • …doesn’t begin with our needs, but with his bounty.
  • …originated in adoration, only later in asking.
  • …a reflex to the grace he gives, to the sinners he saves.
  • …it’s not about getting things from God, but getting God.
  • …is to ultimately enjoy him as our great Treasure.

“pray continually” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

So in light of all of this, the next few posts will focus on the habits we develop to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer. It will be an exploration of one of the most enriching adventures of our Christian life. Here are several questions to get our minds thinking and preparing us for the journey ahead. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

 What do your prayers mostly consist of? Asking for things? Confession and Repentance? Talking with God? Adoring God?

How satisfied are you with your current prayer life?

What are some improvements you would like to make in your private and public prayer life?

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