This reading absolutely blessed me! If you’re a sports fan or ever been part of a team, you know the importance of having an “X” factor on the roster. They are a game changer. They are the ones that if present, will give you the winning edge.

The beautiful thing about reading the Bible is that it is certainly no ordinary book. Every time we come face to face with scripture, we have the opportunity to breathe in Life and something supernatural but unseen moves in our hearts and in our spirit.

He is a personal force, fully divine and full of mystery – He is the one through whom now is revealed to us the “secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory.” Our Helper is the one who searches everything, even the depths of God. ~ David Mathis

The game changer in our study and Bible reading is a variable that we cannot control. The X factor in it all is a mysterious goodness we can only receive. He is the Holy Spirit. So if you are a first time reader or a 20 year doctoral professor from seminary, understand that we all need His guidance in our lives as we read and study the scripture for TRUTH! Be Blessed! Be Revealed!


  1. And the real game changer for me, and I believe for everyone, is when we truly surrender our selves to the Holy Spirit of Jesus. From what I’m experiencing right now, that’s when life really starts. Thanks for a great post.

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