I remember riding a bike for the first time. As a little girl I used to look up to all the big kids on the street racing their bikes up and down, thinking I want to be just like them. I used to think that riding a bike with no hands was the stamp of “cool” in the neighborhood. So I asked the kids how much fun they were having, asked my parents to teach me how to ride, and whenever my family went into a store, I only wanted to look at the shiny new bicycles.

Then I had my opportunity to start riding; training wheels, helmet, and knee pads in all. I felt uncomfortable and inadequate. However, I realized that the art and fun of riding a bicycle was only going to be found in riding the bicycle for myself. It was an amazing feeling once I rode down my street with no hands (not suggesting you do that!)

This goes the same for Bible reading. There is no exact science or formula to reading. It is rather freeing when you think about the fact that you can discover the best method and practices for yourself. You can watch others read from it behind the pulpit, you can read up on commentaries, take a class on learning to read the Bible, or even read a blog called Revealed8 that talks about Bible reading. Yet, ultimately…

The best way to learn the art of reading the Bible for yourself is to READ IT FOR YOURSELF.

There is no quick fix, overnight success when it comes to being an expert Bible reader. The best is learned day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year of allowing God’s Word to inspire our hearts, renew our minds, and instruct our lives.

For those ambitious individuals out there (hint guilty), I know the temptation to try to read the Bible as a checklist and goal. Yet, I love the analogy that was given in the book. There is a place for “raking” and gathering up the leaves as a swift pace, but we “dig” in Bible study to unearth the diamonds, and we “marvel” at the jewels when we meditate.

Consider this statistic. It takes 70 hours to read the Bible from cover to cover. That’s less time than the average American spends in front of the television every month. If most people would exchange their TV time for scripture reading, they’d finish reading the entire Bible in four weeks or less. (D.Whitney). We have so much freedom and access to the Bible in America that we unfortunately take for granted. My prayer for myself and others is that we really take the time to glean from God’s Word daily and discover the art and mystery in it all for ourselves. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

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