We live in a very privileged society. Many nations do not have the freedom of religion and the expression of Christian faith publicly, let alone reading their Bible if they can even have one. Yet, in America, we take Bibles for granted and access to them just takes seconds. When you think about the potential practices of Bible reading, they are limitless.

For example, reading through the Bible in a year, memorizing passages or whole books, or meditating on single verses or paragraphs, listening to sermons or podcasts, reading biblically rich content, taking classes, consuming Christian books, so on and so on. I think you get the picture. But I want you to focus on this one thing…

The most basic means of God’s grace in the life of a Believer is God’s Word.

So honestly, I don’t care how you get it. I just care that your life becomes drowned by the life-giving Words of Jesus Christ, which is the Word of God. Without the Bible, we lose the Truth that reveals Jesus as the true God. Without the Bible, we lose the most fundamental avenue to hear God’s voice. So shape your life with Words of Life and don’t take your moment for granted. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

Habits of Grace3.jpg


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