Habits of Grace2

Likely you’ve heard of the spiritual disciplines in the past and tried them yourself. And like me probably got frustrated, felt guilty, or gave up along the way in some sort of fashion. Don’t get overwhelmed. This is not that. We’re going to keep it real simple for you and give you one thing to focus on.

You see God’s regular channels of grace are His voice, His ear, and His body. Grace that sends the deepest roots for our souls is the discipline of daily devotion in the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship. Now this may seem very unimpressive. Good news…

I am not writing to impress you. I am writing to encourage you and grow with you in the truth that ordinary consistent faithfulness leads to the spectacular.

So through those channels of grace we have this one goal. One thing. One focus. Jesus Christ. This is our heartbeat, Hosea 6:3. “Let us know; let us press on to know the Lord.” If you have tried this before and gave up, I just want to draw your attention to why you probably did. Your focus was not in the right place. This is not about being the best Bible reader, prayer, or church member. This is not about being the best Christian or observing our own Christlikeness.

Our focus is Christ.

So today, I hope that you and I will endeavor in this pursuit with the right focus. We were created to know and enjoy Jesus Christ. God’s grace empowers us to place us in the path where we can be expectant of that. Trust me, when you get in the right place, He will not disappoint you. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!


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