Some great nuggets I picked up while listening to a message on “The 6 C’s of Teamwork.” This is definitely not a definitive list (there are countless resources on this same topic), but some key ones nonetheless:

  1. CONCERN – It has to start with a burden or a simply a load you carry for another. You have to feel the burden of the NEED before you can carry the NEEDY. The focus simply has to shift off oneself onto others because ultimately what God wants to do is bigger than you.
  2. COMMITMENT – Once a need and concern is established, there’s no  room for excuses. Committed means to pledge to. It’s unfortunate that people are not committed to anything anymore. Nothing is given in life. You have to take it and you have to be committed to get it! God is looking for people He can count on. Who’s going to benefit from your commitment in the area you are in? Can God trust you?
  3. COORDINATION – This means to arrange or bring harmonious efforts together. Every team needs people that can pull things together and find solutions. This is going from “I tried” to “I got it done.” Don’t be stagnant and complacent. Beloved, this is not it!! Go to the next level by pressing through the first obstacles of challenges.
  4. COMMUNICATION – This is the biggest problem in any relationship or team. People abort the mission along the way because there is failure to remind, encourage, and give specific details on the task at hand. It is key that consistent communication takes place. This will eliminate people getting hurt or offended because everything is clear. This also means listening and receiving. Just as a car NEEDS gasoline to function, we must communicate with each other to find out our NEEDS.
  5. COOPERATION – Everyone has responsibilities. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and run your own race. The worst thing you can do is worry about someone else’s business without being able to handle your own. In other words….Do. Your. Job. Don’t take yourself too seriously. When you have the best you…there are no rivals.
  6. COMPLETION – Be a finisher!! Whatever it takes, find a way to get it done. It’s something about a person’s character that says, “I am not going to quit.”

We are all part of a process and a bigger picture. So don’t forget to CELEBRATE the small victories along the way. Don’t fight a battle that doesn’t have a reward. Remember, keep your eyes on the prize and press towards the high calling before you. Be Blessed! Be Revealed!




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