I love great food…especially dishes that are pleasing to my palate and makes it jump up and down screaming “More!” “More!” Aside from spicy exotic tastes, I’m a fan of pasta and Italian recipes. It’s something that I relish when I have a great meal and my belly is grateful and content.

In the same way, my mind, heart, and soul has tasted the goodness of the Lord! The more I eat, my spiritual palate craves it. The Word of God says in Psalm 34:8, “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.” The Revealed Word of God becomes alive and powerful in you and the more you eat, nothing else can satisfy your soul like a good helping of His Word for your life.

I encourage you to not only read His Word, but other great books. The value and resources I get from leaders  and authors all over the world simply by taking the time to read their material is priceless. So I have decided to do what is called “appetizers” for my blog. Every other week I will share a book that I read with key points that made an impact on my thinking and life. My hope is simply that these samples will attract you to DIG IN a littler deeper… Be Blessed! Be Revealed!

Be Real APP1

Be Real: Because Fake is Exhausting by Rick Bezet

  • Instead of trying to live FOR the approval of others, live FROM the approval of God.
  • Real change usually happens as a result of an uncomfortable, even painful situation – one that causes you to get real before God because nothing else will work!
  • God is looking for the committed – people who won’t give up the fight until they find the blessing.
  • God alone is not all you need. We were made to live in community with others.
  • I love being around people who dream big dreams. We must keep our dreams alive.
  • God doesn’t see the obstacle facing you; he sees the potential in you.
  • Real forgiveness does not minimize the seriousness of the offense.
  • I can almost guarantee that if you don’t practice forgiving others, you will never fully become who you were created to be.
  • You may not get to choose the crowd you belong to, but you do choose your friends. If you want good friends, learn to be a good friend.
  • I think we are as close to others as we really want to be. I also think we are as close to God as we really want to be.
  • When you invest in real relationships, the dividends are always worth it!
  • A man or woman who is on their face before the Lord will never fall from that position. It’s a stable place.
  • God is the ultimate encourager. Be an encourager! Tell others how proud you are of them.
  • True confidence is a spiritual quality; essential in one’s soul.
  • God whispers so we will get close enough to listen.
  • When we’re real about who we are, the hope we offer is also real.
  • I’m convinced that God blesses us when we take action and move in the direction he asks us to go.
  • PAIN is the high cost of real growth.
  • We must build our lives completely on the Word of God.
  • This is how we succeed and flourish – by simply being who God made us to be.

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